#BestOfTFN: The best of our 1st year in satire and humour articles

Surreal football

Our final list of our best articles from our first year rounds up TFN’s attempts to take a lighter look at the world of football. Piss takes, satire, pastiche and more await you below!

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ITV Preview Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund

Greg Johnson and James Dutton imagined the scenes in the ITV studios as Chiles and co discover Borussia Dortmund during their Champions League semi final second leg against Real Madrid. Who’d have though that the real coverage was even more cringe worthy and strange than our fiction could have predicted!

Football’s Iron Throne: Game of Thrones Meets the Premier League

As the third series of Game of Thrones drew to a close in June, James Dutton and David Wild thought up the parallels between the worlds of Westeros and the Premier League.

All Hail Gazprom – The Birth of a Football Overlord

Freedom is futile. Greg Johnson implored the world of football to submit itself to Gazprom in order to limit any suffering in a future where the energy company becomes the game’s Orwellian nightmare. For Gazprom!

Kick Sloop John B out of football

The words might change, but the chant stays the same. James Dutton ripped into the terrace chant that just won’t go away back in January.

The False Nine’s (famous) Series of Hypothetical XI’s

Ranging from a team of reality TV stars to the best of the Persian empire, over the last twelve months The False Nine have drilled through history and whimsy to offer up interesting, entertaining and sometimes bizarre line-ups of dream teams for your perusal.

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