Emerson Thome – The Brazilian Journeyman


Amassing 152 top flight appearances for four different clubs, Emerson Thome can be described as the first Brazilian journeyman on these shores. In a bumper edition of ‘The Samba Series’, we pay tribute…

Sheffield Wednesday


Steve Beastie from Owls Alive recounts Thome’s arrival in England at Sheffield Wednesday…

When your club is building what you truly believe is a League winning side and you get wind that you’re signing a Brazilian player, any doubts you may have had turn to childish giddiness. Your mind races with thoughts of fancy footwork and legs like bees wings moving faster than the speed of sound, so a few days later when you find out the nickname for your new super smooth play maker is ‘The Wall’ those doubts resurface…

As wonderful as all their players over the decades have been, you struggle to think of an earth shattering defender, especially centre half and ‘The Wall’ quickly erases any thoughts of dancing feet.

When you finally see your ‘Brazilian Master’ and see that he’s 18 feet tall and 6 foot across the shoulders you instantly get the nickname. 18 feet tall maybe, but tanned, goateed and gorgeous he was and the ladies of Sheffield soon took an instant liking to him. For the blokes it was gonna take more than rugged good looks to persuade them… Show us what you’ve got! Continue reading

Long Live Boxing Day Football


As the popular adage goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. False Nine debutant writer, Joe Power looks at the history behind this most English of footballing traditions…

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to see [insert team here] win away. Hey! Continue reading

“You’ll Never Be in a Pickle with Branston” – TFN Interviews… Guy Branston


In the first offering of The False Nine‘s first exclusive interview, editor, Andrew Belt, speaks to experienced professional footballer, Guy Branston, about his career in the game and the formation of his exciting new footballer scouting website, All About Ballerz

Guy Branston is not your usual interviewee. Bursting with enthusiasm for football, he can speak for hours on the sport but also listens to everything you have to say and answers everything honestly, giving you the utmost respect and attention throughout. Continue reading

The FA Must Get its Own House in Order

False Nine writer Matt Malone was at Hillsborough on Friday and gives his thoughts on the night’s worrying scenes…

In a week in which the FA has made some big accusations and called for serious action to be taken after the ugly scenes in Serbia, events at Hillsborough last night are a great example of the old adage that perhaps people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Continue reading