Rodrigo – an Evertonian Enigma


Everton fan George Roberts tries to get to the bottom of Rodrigo’s short-lived Toffees career…

Poor Rodrigo.

Not the most fashionable outfit in the Premier League (not that it ever stopped Middlesbrough), Everton’s first foray into the Brazilian transfer market was an unmitigated failure. Rodrigo Juliano arrived from Botafogo in the summer of 2002 on a curious £1.25 million temporary deal with an option for a permanent move at another £3 million.

The author, despite being a Blues fan himself, can remember nothing about Rodrigo.  Internet sources on Rodrigo are equally sketchy. But for his brief Wikipedia page, you could be forgiven for doubting his existence. A bit of Googling brings us to a fansite, Everton-Mad.  Austin Rathe, musing about a preseason game against Wrexham in August 2002, wrote:

‘My betting is that it will be Gravesen and Rodrigo as our two central midfielders, but it is as of yet unclear exactly how fit the Brazilian is.’

This would soon become very clear. Continue reading