League Cup Breeds Unhealthy Obsession With Youth

False Nine writer Felix de Grey examines the dangers of overhyping young footballers…

This week, news of John Terry’s international retirement and racism trial hijacked the back pages of red tops and broadsheets alike. Implicit in the number of column inches dedicated to these stories is more evidence -as if it were needed- that the Premier League’s mass appeal draws interest like nothing else. Terry’s actions again demonstrated that we now live in an era in which no lips go unread, and no World Cup is more important than club football. Continue reading

The NextGen Series: a promising contribution to the long-term future of European football

In our first blog, False Nine editor Hugo Greenhalgh looks at the benefits of the NextGen Series.

In the same week that the European elite await the draw for the Champions League, a host of young talent were playing out their own competitive ties across the continent. The NextGen Series, an Under-19 tournament now in its second year, aims to blood Europe’s youngsters in preparation for the most prestigious competition in club football. Continue reading