Hypothetical XI #7: Yugoslavia


In our latest Hypothetical XI, Tom Brooks gives us his Yugoslav XI…

Let’s kick things off with a quick history lesson, shall we? In the early 1990s, the great nation of Yugoslavia was torn apart from within by a series of political upheavals and conflicts and a number of new nations were born. In 1991, Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia emerged, followed in 1992 by Serbia and Montenegro, and then by Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1998. 2006 saw Montenegro split from Serbia and gain independence and then in 2008, on 17th February, (also my birthday, please address your cards and gifts to Mr Tom Brooks), Kosovo declared itself independent from Serbia. Continue reading

Hypothetical XI #6: Multinational football

Multinational Team

When creating a line-up of the best players world football currently has to offer, international squads and club sides just can’t cut it. Greg Johnson takes a look at the possibility of a multi-national football hypothetical XI…

National squads have always represented a “best of” selection of club football, yet the teams at the top of the game’s elite domestic leagues can also be considered as greatest hits line-ups made up of international stars. Clubs and countries cherry pick players from limited groups, narrowed down either by nationality or availability, contract or price. Continue reading

Hypothetical XI #3 – The Viking XI


Josh Millar and Freddie Harding from Midfield Generals put forward their ‘Viking XI’ of Scandinavian players…

It’s a known fact that the scariest thing in the world is a big bastard with a beard running towards you before attempting to maim you with an axe. So why not put a team of them together and make them play football? Granted a lot of these players aren’t actually that nasty. But we think that there’s enough talent in this side to give some teams a spanking. Continue reading

Hypothetical XI #2 – The British Commonwealth


In our second installment of the Hypothetical XIs series, Pete Starr concocts a Commonwealth side with a few surprises…

At its height the British Empire was the largest ever accumulated, encompassing almost a quarter of the earth’s total area and about 1/5 of the world’s population. We had fingers in pies in every continent on the ruddy planet and when people started to get a bit eggy about the whole thing we created a nice friendly Commonwealth. Continue reading

Hypothetical XI #1 – Central America


In the first part of a new series on Hypothetical XIs, Mike McGrew asks what if the United Provinces of Central America were still around together…

The short-lived United Provinces of Central America existed for about two decades in the middle of the 19th century. It comprised the countries of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. Who would start for a reconstituted UPCA?  Continue reading